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Ebmas Wing Tzun the Art of self-defense

Emin Boztepe

EBMAS Wing Tzun is not based upon physical strength or acrobatic ability and therefore allows a physically weaker person to defend him/herself. We teach you to use the force of the opponent and turn it against him.

The system covers all possible aspects of a confrontation.This includes kicks and punches, elbow and knee techniques, grappling (holding, barring, throwing, etc.) and ground fighting.

EBMAS Wing Tzun can be learned and built upon fairly quickly. Therefore, EBMAS is excellent for all ages, men and women.

Self Defense and MMA

in street fight

I think most important is to realize that training anything that might help you in a street fight is better than no training at all. The main difference between our self defense classes and general MMA classes is that we train street fight specific.

We use a mix of different skills including punching, kicking, elbow and knee strikes, (anti-)grappling techniques and ground fighting that you will also see in MMA. However, not all techniques you learn in MMA are the best option in a street fight. The other way around, on the street we use techniques that are not allowed in MMA (competition).

Next to that we also prepare students for situations in which there are multiple attackers and situations where weapons are involved. Stuff you don't usually learn during the average MMA class but could come in handy in the street.

Last but not least, also the mind set for self defense is different. Where in MMA (competition) the goal is winning, in street fight the goal is to survive.

In short, if your goal is to defend yourself on the street, train street fight specific.
We offer excellent classes for everyone and I am sure that even if you are an experienced martial arts student you will find our classes very useful.

Self Defense

for everybody

If you learn self defense you are less likely to get hurt if someone attacks you.
Learning self defense will also increase your confidence and reduce the chance of being attacked in the first place.
During our courses we will teach you both risk-reducing strategies and physical defense techniques.
We go through the practice of awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance. If all of that fails we will make sure that you know how to defend your self properly.
Our self defense system is easy to learn, easy to apply and highly effective.


Self Defense

10 reasons to train EBMAS Self Defense

1 To improve your physical and mental strength
2 To build confidence
3 To keep yourself safe
4 To improve your street awareness
5 It works on your balance
6 It helps develop self-discipline
7 It helps you develop a fighter reflex
8 Learning something new
9 The instructors are highly qualified
10 It is fun

Realistic Self Defense!!

EBMAS & street fight


We bring you where most other martial arts stop: a fight without rules and no limitations!
What makes EBMAS different is that we prepare our students for a fight on the street. The street, a place without rules and referee. You do whatever it takes to defend yourself and to end the fight as fast as possible. The longer the fight lasts, the higher the chance you will get hit or even loose the fight.
A street fight is usually not a fair fight. There are no weight categories on the street. You might face someone with a weapon or your attacker brought a few friends. In EBMAS we prepare you for these situations as good as possible. We train in a way that makes it possible for the weaker person to defend against stronger opponents. We train against armed attackers and teach you how to handle if there are multiple attackers.
EBMAS has proven to be effective and has been instructed to FBI, US Army and police forces all over the world. In Dubai EBMAS is being instructed to the security personnel of Emirates Airlines.


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