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Class timings

Group Classes:
- Sunday Evening
- Wed. Evening    
Private Classes:
- upon request

Available Courses

one size does not fit all

That is why EBMAS offers different types of training for different organizations and individuals. Although classes might be mixed, the training of each individual is tailor-made. We focus on your specific needs and everyone gets personal attention during the class.


EBMAS organizes regularly seminars in which students get the opportunity to refine specific skills or in which we focus more on general skills. Themes might be defense against knife, chi sao, defense against boxing and so on.

Courses on request

EBMAS organizes and gives special courses on request for institutions and organizations who have special needs. The training will be 100% tailor-made and designed in cooperation with the requesting organization.


For students who are interested to learn how to use weapons, EBMAS offers Escrima in which students learn how to use a stick for self-defense. This will be taught by a specialized instructor from EBMAS from another school. Please contact us for more information here.

Group Classes


Regular group classes are great for everyone. They are fun and challenging! It gives you the chance to develop the fundamentals of Wing Tzun and provides a great workout while challenging coordination and agility.

Our group classes are mixed classes that everybody can attend. We have students from 8 to 60 years coming to our group classes, both male and female. Usually we have 2 instructors to give all students the attention they need. We have a wide variety of drills, exercises, and strength training routines. All aspects of training & self defense are covered in this comprehensive program.

for Woman


Wing Tzun was originally developed by a woman to defend against stronger opponents. Therefore, Wing Tzun is very suitable as self-defense for women.
In Wing Tzun self-defense, we teach effective and easy to learn techniques. You will be able to apply these techniques from the first class onwards. Of course it will take time to master the techniques but you will be able to use it fairly quick. Wing Tzun is a realistic and safe self-defense.

Next to this, Wing Tzun uses the whole body during its training and is therefore also excellent for fitness and weight loss.

Currently we have only mixed classes available but we have a female instructor attending most of the classes. Next to this, we try to have the ladies training with the ladies whenever possible. On the other hand, the effectiveness of Wing Tzun is also the interaction and training with people of all shapes and sizes.
Private classes with our female instructor Mary Ann are available on request.

for Children


We offer self-defense for kids. You can never start too early learning how to defend yourself. But that is not the whole story. We realize that kids have other interests and priorities than adults. Therefore, the kids are taught Wing Tzun in a very different way than the adults. The focus will be more on playing and social interaction while at the same time making the kids aware and familiar with aspects of safety and self-defense.

Wing Tzun will have various other benefits for kids as well:
- Hand to eye coordination
- Concentration
- Speed of thought
- Speed of hand or foot
- Focus and control
- Release of frustration or energy

For more information on our EBMAS Junior Program please go to our kids section.

for special units and security


EBMAS is experienced in teaching people who work within the security industry: police, military personnel, bodyguards, security guards, private investigators and so on. We understand that a different perspective is required and know how to achieve the right results for you.

Wing Tzun has been taught successful to many elite Police and Military Personnel, including the Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) of the FBI and the 4th Recon Battalion of the U.S. Marine Corps (for references see below). Also bodyguards, security personnel and other personnel in the personnel protective business or other related hostile environments have successfully trained and applied Wing Tzun.

We run separate specialist courses for security, military and police personnel. While our courses are tailored to individual requirements, a typical course includes the following:

Effective unarmed defense
Controlling an attacker
Multiple assailants
Restraining and escorting
Use of and defense against weapons

private classes


EBMAS Wing Tzun offers private classes for students who want to boast their progress, have no time to follow regular classes or just want to refine their skills.

Private classes will give you the opportunity to train one on one with the instructor. This will increase your progress significantly. During the training we will focus on your specific needs and the training will be very intensive. You will work on the maximum of your capabilities (sometimes more) and the training will be very challenging. During private class you will also have the opportunity to train and focus on what you think is important. Just let the instructor know what you want to focus on before the private class.

Private classes are most effective in addition to the regular group classes. However, of course private classes are open for all who do not follow regular classes.


Available Courses