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Emirates Hills
10 minutes from  
- Barsha Heights
- and JLT

Class timings

Group Classes:
- Sunday Evening
- Wed. Evening    
Private Classes:
- upon request


Ebmas Kids

The EBMAS Junior Program gives your kids the Strength, Power and Courage
of a Tiger.

About our Kids Classes


We realize that youngsters have other interests and priorities than adults. Therefore, the kids are taught Wing Tzun in a very different way. The focus will be more on playing and social interaction while at the same time making the kids aware and familiar with aspects of safety and self-defense.

Our EBMAS Junior Program focuses on youngsters up to 14 years. During the course the kids will improve:

  • Hand to eye coordination
  • Concentration
  • Speed of thought
  • Speed of hand or foot
  • Focus and control

The EBMAS Junior Program is comprised of 8 components that complement each other:

  • Application (defending oneself)
  • Coordination (balance training, classical form training, step work)
  • Psychology (behavior in difficult situations)
  • Strengthening/Fitness/Conditioning (warm up, stretching)
  • Concentration (training forms like DanChi, Poon Sao)
  • Behavior (Conduct, address, welcome, dismissal)
  • Theory (Wing Tzun history, name of positions)
  • Fun/Success (success stories, enjoying the instructions)


Available Courses