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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wing Tzun?

Wing Tzun is a self-defense system developed to enable smaller defenders to defeat larger and stronger attackers. Wing Tzun is practiced all over the world by civilians, members of police units, as well as military and special forces.

How does it work?

Wing Tzun students defend themselves by using simple techniques as well as leverage and angles to turn attackers' strengths against them. Wing Tzun is effective for everyone, regardless of size, strength or gender.

Do I need to be in good physical condition to join?

No, you do not! The kind of self-defense taught by us is a form of self-defense that does not require extraordinary physical strength or acrobatic ability. Everybody trains at his or her own level fitness. Better physical condition and shape will be built up during the classes and most students notice an increase in fitness, joint flexibility, and general strength after just a few weeks.

Is Wing Tzun good for self-defence?

Wing Tzun is extremely good for self-defense as it gives the weaker persons a real chance against stronger opponents. Wing Tzun is simple and relatively easy to learn and applies only that what really works, making it the perfect self-defense.

Do I need experience to start?

Absolutely not! We will help you building up your experience from the base. Each student progresses in his/her own pace, no pressure on students to go faster or slower.

Is Wing Tzun good for women?

Wing Tzun was originally developed by a woman to defend against stronger opponents. Therefore, Wing Tzun is very suitable as self-defense for women.

Is Wing Tzun safe?

Wing Tzun is perfectly safe. All our training programs are performed with controlled force. All exercises start slow and relaxed and when the student is ready we add more speed and force but always in a very controlled way to make sure no accidents happen. We use safety equipment when necessary. We have special classes for students who want to go a little bit further.

What can I expect in the training?

The main goal of the classes is to teach you self-defense and give you confidence in your own capabilities. The classes are very well structured and always under supervision of a professional well trained instructor. Each class has at least the following: self defense techniques, coordination training, relaxation training, fitness and power training, reflex training Form, Chi Sao and Lat Sao (see also ‘The Three Parts Of A Wing Tzun Class’ elsewhere on this website). Classes are very structured. New techniques will be built on previously learned techniques. Students get theoretical background on used techniques. Students are taught possible ways on how to prevent a confrontation Psychological aspects of a confrontation and self defense: stress and fear Safety first. All exercises in a controlled way. No free fight and no full contact. Last but not least, classes are FUN

Wing Tzun is passive in defense and advocates attack only in response to an opponent’s attack. The underlying principles of the martial art are the same as its underlying philosophy. Wing Tzun seeks to provide balance.

How long will it take to get good?

It depends….. You will notice that you have developed some skills already after 6 to 9 months. In the first 2 years you will learn everything you need to be able to defend yourself well. We also have private classes where the student get individual attention and will progress much faster. Of course, it is the individual's hard work that will ultimately determine the skill and attainment.

Am I too old for Wing Tzun?

Never! Great Grandmaster Yip Man was able to perform Wing Tzun well into his old age! We have students from 8 to 60 years.

What should I wear?

Just wear clothing in which you can move freely. Wear preferably black pants, a white shirt and comfortable shoes. No bare feet. During class, jewelries should be taken off to avoid injuries. Once you decide to join EBMAS, there is a required uniform (shirt & pants). Additional training equipment such as protective equipment and pads might be needed at a more advanced level.

How do I get started?

Contact us for an introduction class


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